Garden Statues and Modern Gardens.

Published: 28th April 2010
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Everybody would love to have a little green and some colorful patches, no matter what space they have in their home. While big homes can keep big gardens, people in small homes also keep smaller gardens. With a wide variety of garden structures available in the market today, you can decorate your modern garden although with miniature forms some of them being garden statues.

Modern gardens have a focus on 'hard goods' like retaining outdoor furniture, walls, sculptures and patios. They portray a serene, clean look about them and appeal to the minimalist attitude of recent times.

Garden statues in smaller versions have become very popular with the modern gardens and the gardener as well. In the past, the classic gardens featured near life like portrayals of statues of beasts, birds, men and women which were used to attract a particular vista, add height to a flat area or even provide a background to an existing pond or a water garden. Moreover the garden statues were traditionally carved from natural stone.

Nowadays, the same effects in smaller adaptations, though not created in natural stone but made by using concrete moulds, find a place in the modern garden. Bronze metal statues are popular than the stone or concrete ones. Marble, another special stone which is popular for its luxurious luster and superior finish is also a favorite medium for garden statues. Some other metals and fiberglass are used to create garden statues and find a prominent place in the modern garden.

Concrete garden statues though considered tough, carry the fear of getting damaged. Instead concrete aggregates like fiberstone are used in concrete moulds for producing garden statues. Fiberstone is concrete that is reinforced with a strong fine mesh which gives it durability and extra strength. Fiberstone is ideal to create long lasting high quality garden statues for the modern garden.

If not anything, the modern gardens always have a place for the reproduction of the classic statues made from a choice of subjects and themes. The classic mythical icon reproductions like angels, cherubs, Venus, Apollo or the Sphinx are an old time favorite. Animal subjects are a popular choice in recent times. It is not just dogs and cats which are used as subjects to create garden statues; you can find frogs, toads, squirrels and many other animal subjects too. Buying an eye catching garden statue for your modern garden is not all that important, but finding whether it blends well in its modern theme is!

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